Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zerona™?

The Zerona™ LipoLaser is designed specifically to address fat reduction and body contouring. Zerona™ laser treatments are administered in relaxing 30-40 minute sessions. The Zerona™ LipoLaser is a non-surgical procedure that enables the reduction of several inches of body fat without the pain, swelling and extensive recovery time typically associated with liposuction or fat reduction surgery. By directly targeting adipose (fat) cells the Zerona™ LipoLaser offers a safe and effective fat reduction solution.

How does the Zerona™ laser work?

The Zerona™ LipoLaser is a 100% non-invasive, laser-based, fat reduction and body contouring system. The Zerona™ laser offers the relaxation of a 40-minute massage with the benefits of loosing inches of body fat! Rather than painful surgery, the Zerona™ laser uses light energy to safely (and painlessly) penetrate the skin and specifically target fat cells. It is through this process that the Zerona™ laser causes the cell to release water, free fatty acids, and glycerol (also known as Triglycerides). When the triglycerides are released from the fat cells, the fat cells “shrink” significantly, resulting in a noticable change in body contour.

Is Zerona™ better than Mesotherapy or Lipodissolve?

Mesotherapy and Lipodissolve both require hundreds of injections over multiple treatment sessions.  Mesotherapy and Lipodissolve both result in swelling that can take weeks (or longer) to resolve.  In addition, with Mesotherapy and Lipodissolve, uneven contours and damage to skin can result.  The Zerona™ LipoLaser is different.  With Zerona™ treatments, there are no injections and there is no risk for swelling or uneven contours.  And, because the Zerona™ laser uses low level energy, there is no risk for damage to the skin.  With the Zerona™, you will have pleasant, relaxing treatments with no downtime and no pain.

How long has the Zerona™ LipoLaser been in practice?

The laser technology used in the Zerona™ has been used to liquefy fat by doctors since the 1980’s.  Lipo-reduction with low level laser energy has become commonplace in cosmetic procedures worldwide.

Can the Zerona™ get rid of the belly I gained from childbirth?

Yes! The Zerona™ LipoLaser is perfect for targeting the areas with stubborn fat that persists after childbirth. However, we do not recommend that you have LipoLaser treatments if you are currently pregnant.

Do Zerona™ treatments work on men?

Zerona™ treatments are just as effective in men as they are in women.

Can the Zerona™ improve my abs?

The Zerona™ laser causes the fat cells that cover your abs to release triglycerides.  Your body then can turn the triglycerides into usable energy.  As you work out, you will be able to see a muscular “six pack” after the fatty deposits have been reduced.

How long are the Zerona ™ Laser treatments and how many treatments will I have?

Treatment sessions are about 40 minutes per body region treated.  Treatments will be scheduled three times weekly for two weeks – a total of six treatment sessions are recommended.  Another round of treatments may be performed if additional fat reduction is desired.

Are the fat cells permanently removed?

Unlike traditional liposuction, the fat cells are not removed during Zerona™ Laser treatments.  Instead, the fat cells are stimulated to release the triglycerides that are contained within the fat cell.  This means that there is no destruction or removal of any tissue.

Is it painful? Does it hurt?

There is no pain or discomfort during or after Zerona™ treatments.

Are Zerona™ Laser treatments safe?

LipoLaser therapy has been used safely in various medical applications since the 1980s.  Tens-of-thousands of patients have been treated and no significant adverse effects have been reported.

What areas of the body can be treated by the Zerona™ Laser?

Treatments are effective for use on the back of the arms, the upper and lower abdomen, chin/neck and jowls, knees, upper and lower back, inner and outer thighs, buttocks, love handles, and the male chest.  Really, any area that contains unwanted fatty deposits can be effectively treated.  Of course, we do not recommend that the Zerona™ laser be used near the eyes.

Do I need to put on a numbing cream before the LaserLipo treatment?

The treatment delivered is painless and no numbing cream is needed.

Do I need to uses a cream after the LaserLipo treatment?

Some people have reported improvement in their results by using a variety of different creams.  However, most physicians feel that the creams provid little (or no) advantage.  Any improvement obtained from the application of cream is probably attributable to the massaging action itself.

Should I massage after the treatment?

It may be helpful to massage the areas after each Zerona™ treatment.  Massaging can help facilitate release of triglycerides from the treated fat cells.

Should I wear a compression garment after the treatments?

It may be helpful to further compress the fat cells with the constant pressure exerted by a compression garment.  A garment like Spanx™ may be worn.  Medical compression garments are available for patients who desire more controlled or aggressive compression.

How quickly will I see the results from Zeron™ Laser treatments?

After the first Zerona™ treatment some patients begin to notice changes.  In many cases, your skin will feel softer and firmer.  With each subsequent treatment, the results will be more noticable.  After the series of six Zerona™ treatments, most patients have a measureable difference, with many patients wearing smaller pant sizes within a month of their first treatment.

Is the Zerona™ scientifically proven?

LaserLipo technology has been studied in multiple clinical tests and the results are conclusive — LaserLipo treatments work.

Are the results from Zerona™ LaserLipo treatments the same in all patients?

There is some variability in how well each patient responds to a series of treatments.  In addition, there is variability in how quickly each body area responds to the Zerona™ Laser treatments.  This is because there are many factors that influence each person’s metabolism and because there are different types of fat.  Fat that is more dense (lateral thighs, upper abdomen) may require more treatments to achieve the desired result.